Rehabilitation Matrix offers online classes which can benefit time challenged people. Save time and effort traveling to the studio, simply connect, turn your computer and follow our room link!

Economize: Rehabilitation Matrix "live" allows you train with our trainers. You will also save some money when you chose to do an online "live" class.


Limitless location All you need is a small exercise space at home or in the office or any other limitless location.
What you need to get going All you need is a computer, webcam and broadband. That's it!

Invite your friends and family Create your own fitness community by inviting your family and friends to train with us live on our own live workout page.

Work with practitioners online and economize Your sessions on-line will always work out cheaper than if you attend one of our studio location. So, use this benefit and why not increase your sessions!

The best way to stay fit in your body and mind with maximum flexibility.