Mindfulness Based Living

There has been a lot of debate and scientific research conducted on the effects of mindfulness and meditation. Mindfulness has been described by some as the ability to live in the moment, fully, without judgment or preoccupation. Learning mindfulness is the first step toward understanding the relationship between our thoughts, feeling and actions. Mindfulness is the processes through which we create a state of meditation as by cultivating certain attitudes like trust, acceptance, patience, beginners mind and let-go provides the right environment for a state of ‘healthy-being’ to develop. In this programme scientific, theoretical and intuitive exploration of mindfulness will form the basses of the session. There will also be some gentle exercise routines given to improve flexibility, energy and overall health.

What can I expect during the session?

  1. Individual and optional group work
  2. Exploration of the theoretical and scientific components of mindfulness
  3. Gentle movement exercises
  4. Discussion on behavioural change around eating habits
  5. Introduction of stress reduction techniques

Description of programme

  1. One to one session
  2. Or 8 week group programme

Mindfulness Based Living

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