We have all heard the expression ‘we are what we eat’ and it has been suggested by Jerome Burne and Patrick Holford that ‘food is better than medicine’ both of these statement have truth in them. Fuelling the body properly through a balanced diet is of paramount importance if you want to perform at your best. It is important to remember that a football player will need a different diet to a power lifter. And that a good diet is equally important for a busy professional who is on the move constantly. The terms ‘over-eating’ and ‘under-eating’ are both against the body. Our team at the Rehabilitation Matrix understand that you need to enjoy and be satisfied by your food choice otherwise you will not find your relationship to food and eating an easy one. Working with our qualified nutritionist will help you find the right diet for you. We do not put our trust in ‘fad’ dieting, we trust in a good balanced diet, regular exercise and changing the behavioural patterns that often surround unhealthy eating behaviours.