Personal Training

Personal training is important if you require more support and strategic planning with your training regime. You may be looking to make lifestyle changes, increase strength, lose weight or increase flexibility; In truth, people’s health and fitness aspirations are all different. The role of the personal trainer is to listen to your fitness aspirations and then accordingly plan a coherent action plan to ensure you reach these goals. The personal trainer may be held accountable by using outcome measures; these include body fat percentage, body mass index, waist to hip ration, V02 max testing and many other outcome measures which have been carefully selected on your fitness goals.

What can I expect during the session?

During your first session the trainer will discuss your health and fitness goals, your current status of health, previous training history, your likes and dislikes when it comes to fitness training and then based on this information a training plan will start to be formulated. Based on your fitness goals, your trainer may administer a variety of assessments during the initial meeting; these assessments will provide information regarding the baseline of your current health and fitness levels. After your initial meeting and once your training begins specific exercises and types of training will be introduced safely. These exercise and training methods will be carefully selected based on your level of fitness and what your short, medium and long term fitness goal are which were discussed at your initial meeting. The most important thing is that your training sessions are fun and targeted toward reaching your health and fitness aspirations.

How many sessions will I need?

This very much depends on your goals and fitness aspirations. After our team has conducted your initial assessment and your profiling has been done we will be able to fully discuss with you the best way to proceed. After which you and the trainer can decide how many sessions you would like to book which will be based on your requirements.

Personal Training

£40/60 minutes