Sports Nutrition

We at the Rehabilitation Matrix understand that every individual is unique in many ways from preferences in foods, body type (endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph) and genetic makeup. In sport your diet and nutritional programme play an essential part in your ability to perform at the highest of levels. Depending on your sport you may have to cut weight in order to make your weight category or your event may be over a 4-hour duration so your nutritional fueling strategies are extremely important. Our qualified sports nutritionists will apply the latest sport science theories to support and optimize your performance and recovery within your sporting framework. This programme will ensure that you will receive a bespoke plan tailored to your specific sport, exercise and recovery requirements allowing you to gain maximum benefit in a practical, achievable and sustainable way. Our team of sports nutritionist will provide invaluable information on diet that will help you to achieve your goals, whether you are exercising for general health and fitness, or you are an elite athlete looking for marginal victories.

What can I expect during the session?

  1. Sports physiotherapy assessment
  2. Manual therapy
  3. Sports nutritional lifestyle assessment
  4. Weight management according to your specific sport
  5. Medical nutritional therapy assessment
  6. Sport specific nutritional support
  7. Support and advice regarding correct hydration

Description of programme

  1. Initial lifestyle consultation
  2. Tailored nutritional plans
  3. Pre-event, during and post event nutritional plans
  4. Weight management advice
  5. Weekly online contac
  6. Report writing

Sports Nutrition

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